Ceilidhs and barn dances are great social occasions for all ages. They can also be successful fund-raisers if that’s what you need. Over the years, we’ve played for weddings, college annual events, significant birthdays, village hall socials, sports clubs, festivals, church events, harvest festivals, street parties, and all kinds of other events. Below is some advice based on our long experience.

  • Access into the venue

We need some time to setup the sound equipment and perform sound checks prior to the start of the event.  Some venues have "interesting" acoustics and in an ideal world we prefer an hour and a half to achieve the optimum sound balance.  However, for weddings time may be short and a 30 - 40 minute set up (and the same for packing up at the end of the evening) is possible and we would welcome discussion with you to help us achieve your requirements.  It takes much less time to pack away everything at the end of the event, usually 30 - 45 minutes.  Hopefully this will help you to calculate the minimum amount of time you need to book your venue for.

  • Stage and floor space

The band can be situated on a stage or on the dance-floor, if there is enough space for them and the dancers. Electric plug points will be needed for the equipment. A sturdy small table on which to stand the mixer desk, and 2 or 3 chairs at the back of the stage area would also be useful. A small storage space for all the bags and boxes used to hold the equipment and instruments would also be helpful.

  • Footwear for Ceilidh Dancing

Just a reminder that flat comfortable footwear is a must for partaking in the dancing. It is always worth bringing your flatter shoes, even if you don't wish to wear them all evening. Often, ladies kick off their high heels and dance in bare feet, but you may run the risk of squashed toes or worse!

  • Food and Drink

At some events food is served at the beginning of the evening, others mid-way through. If you let us know what your plans are, we can accommodate this in the programme. It seems to work better for the general flow of the evening when food is served prior to the Ceilidh dance, rather than mid way through.

  • Start and finish times

A typical standard evening Ceilidh would normally start at 7:30 or 8pm, ending at 10:30 or 11pm. A 20 or 30 minute break is often welcomed by the dancers and the band! We can be flexible with the times, but a significantly longer event may incur an extra fee.

  • Insurance

Rascal Fayre have Public Liability insurance cover and the electrical equipment has been PAT tested. Certificates for these things are available upon request. 

  • Booking Information

When the booking is confirmed, £100 deposit will be requested.  We kindly ask that the remaining balance is paid the week before the event.  Payments can be made  by Bank Transfer or Cheque.  Details will be supplied during the course of making the booking.