There is no doubt that having a Ceilidh band come to play for your evening wedding party is the very best way to get all your family and friends mixing, mingling and having fun together. 

All ages can be involved, as the Caller (Sue) will choose dances which are suitable for everyone. No previous dancing experience is needed, as explanation with demonstration will be given before and during the dancing. Sue moves in-among the dancers using a 'roaming microphone', so that she can be seen and heard at all times.

The band have their own sound system equipment and lighting for the stage/band area plus their sound engineer (Martin) who will ensure the mix of sound is suitable for each individual venue. Understandably,  people still like to be able to chat if they are not dancing, and consideration is given to the sound volume levels.

A full evening of Ceilidh dancing would span over 3 hours or so with a short break in the middle of the evening. Sometimes the bride and groom save the cake cutting until the break in the evening, or serve a supper. In other cases it simply provides a bit of time for everyone to replenish their glasses and catch their breath.

Wedding Ceilidh DancesiPod/laptop/CD music could be played before, during the break and after the Ceilidh dance has ended. The bride and groom could make up 'play lists' ahead of time and have their own familiar music filling the air. It simplifies things if a speaker/amplifier could be borrowed or hired for playing the music through whilst the band are setting up their PA system or packing it away at the end of the evening. However, if you wish to play your own music just during the break, then Martin will happily arrange this through the speaker system.

If the bride and groom choose to do 'a first dance' to music of their own choice, this will be introduced by the Caller, and the guests encouraged to join the happy couple on the dance floor towards the end of their dance - in readiness for the beginning of the Ceilidh. Alternatively, some couples prefer to open the evening with the Ceilidh dancing, in which case Sue would choose something appropriate which would involve everyone on the dance floor. There is a super dance to close the evening which is perfect for the bride and groom to say goodbye to all of their guests and make an exit if they would like?

Quite often the room in which the Ceilidh dance takes place, is the same room which is used throughout the day for the wedding ceremony and/or the reception meal and speeches. Usually there is a short period of time between the end of the daytime activities before the beginning of the evening celebrations, in which the band come into the room to set up all their equipment, instruments and make the all important sound checks. It is well worth keeping this 'set up' time in mind, when planning your format for the day, as most wedding receptions and speeches run on beyond the planned time.

Another really helpful and important point is : to plan with the venue organisers to create as much space as possible in the room for the Ceilidh dancing, even if this means removing some tables and chairs. The more space there is, a greater number of people can dance and this definitely creates more fun and enjoyment for your guests.We want you to have the best evening possible, with the maximum amount of dancing time agreed, which is why we mention theses points.

Every wedding plan is different, so please get in touch to discuss any ideas you have and we will do our very best to help make you wedding day memorable and special.