brian fiddle kendal

Brian learnt the violin as a youngster and was trained classically before his teenage years took their toll!!  With the wisdom of middle age he returned to the fiddle and for the last several years has lined up with a number of local folk bands. Brian does not play a Stradivari violin but an instrument he is really fond of that he picked up in Dalton in Furness with a foreign sounding name.  He can also be seen playing his new 5 string fiddle - how low can he get - well its down to a low "C" !


dave whistle ambleside

Dave's vast experience in folk songs and tunes, combined with his “distinctive” sense of humour ensures that we enjoy our performances as much as the audience.  His songs and witty repartee ensure that Rascal Fayre can provide a full range of entertainment in addition to any dancing.  Dave too has been actively involved in the local folk music scene for many years and plays a full range of whistles, his favourite being a low whistle.


ian bouzuki caldbeck

Ian is a modest, multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and boyish sexagenarian.  He specialises in holding the band together when they are all falling apart with his hypnotic rhythms and base runs on the bouzouki and guitar. He also does the odd turn on the mandolin....  Ian has been on the local folk music scene for more years than he, or anyone else can remember.  He plays Fylde Bouzouki and Mandolin and Takamine guitar.


fergus mandola kendal

Fergus, like Ian, seems to have been on the local folk music scene for ever and he has a mind boggling collection of instruments of all types and hues.  Fergus is a clever engineer so as well as being a fine mandolin player, he does things with wires and plugs so that we can be heard over the stamping feet and wild laughter of the dancers.  His main instruments are a Fylde acoustic octave mandola, Airline electric mandola, Mandocaster mandolin, Deering Tenor Banjo, Roland Handsonic Drums and Howard Bodhran.


sue flute kendal

Sue is the our caller, flute player and the band's token musician.  Enthusiastic, energetic, the Ceilidh Queen of the North West!  Happy to help anyone get up on their feet.  Sue also plays classical flute and piccolo for Westmorland Orchestra and conducts Flutes & Co, Cumbria's flute orchestra.  Sue plays a George Ormiston wooden flute, Fred Rose whistle and wood piccolo.


 From time to time due to availability we sometimes need to substitute band members, Brian's job involves extensive travel and Sarah is frequently with us.


Sarah's parents are both musicians so by aged 7 she was persuaded to play an instrument.  Being very small, Sarah chose the violin because she thought it would make her look grown up and important.  It didn't work, she is still very small but she has enjoyed playing a variety of orchestras and ensemble groups over the years including Bekkestua Orkestra in Oslo and leaving the University orchestra at Ripon and York.  Sarah has also busked her way round Europe in sub zero temperatures in Norway and has had her busking money stolen by gipsy children in Florence.  Sarah has been playing folk music now for 8 years and enjoys the spontaneity and informality of playing with friends.  Being part of Rascal Fayre is always different and always fun.